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Ten long days. Ten short stories. Ten different options. noriko tasaki has a mediterranean identity, yet a japanese pseudonym. she's left handed, yet right.
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We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics. All content related issues will be solved right here. We went to a busy restaurant and put our name on the waiting list. We walked out of the restaurant and there was a quarter laying on the sidewalk. I picked it up and put it in my pocket feeling it was communication from my especially considering all the people going in and out of the busy restaurant.

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He was only 5 years old in my dream. We were at his karate lesson at a local Rec Center. He came running in to find me and asked me for a quarter for the vending machine. I woke up and was extremely upset.

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I remembered the dream. I got out of bed to find my glasses and look at the quarter in the box next to my bed as I had never looked at it closely. Lo and behold it was a quarter which was the year that Ryan was born. A beautiful gift of connection from your son. It is very real that we exist with them simultaneously, the spirit world is always with us. Much love to you.

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Ever since I was a little girl I have a recurring dream. I am sitting on a sandy beach. I dig my hands through the sand.

I never thought the Stay at Home Mom life was for me.

When I run the sand through my fingers the sand turns into millions of those shiny dimes. I am literally surrounded by dimes. I have been having this dreams for at least 40 years? What does this mean? Thank you for sharing. Looks like your dream could be indicating your desire to be surrounded by the divine.

Tavares - A Penny For Your Thoughts

You have had forks in the road and have had to choose, the dime signifies the right path to your destiny. I find 2 or 3 dimes almost every day on floor on the bar where I works sometimes bunch of them is there. Finding dimes is the divines way of getting your attention and asking you if there is anything you need to balance out in life. What is not working for you anymore and what needs to be let go. A dime is meant to make us look at our truth and ask what we NEED to do for our wellbeing. I believe? I moved back home to Newfoundland this summer to spend the summer while my husband looked for a new job!!!!

We went for a walk shortly after we arrived to a place up the mountain overlooking the sea and on our way back down we stopped at a seat in the little rocks where I was standing I looked down and there it was a dime shining right up at me! I picked it up thinking it was an unusual place to find a dime!! When I got back home someone said you know what that means!!!!

I guess we were at a crossroads and someone was letting me know it was gonna be ok?? I went on a trip to visit with my sister and when it was time to come home i had a stop over at st. John,s I found a dime there and instantly I knew it was my Mom letting me know that she was looking after me. Then when I got to my destination at gander and when I was walking in from the plane there on the ground was another one and this time I said thank-you Mom I am home safe and said I love you. My sweet Angel, Naomi, Everything you write is true for me.. I experienced it!..

I was told, by a numerology, guide.. I intuit.. Remember, I told you about dimes and even quarters.

I found in Toronto.. I kept it for a while on a white, tissue….. Found it on my rug, in my apartment! I think I was wrong to tell people from my family about it.. I felt lost.. I came home searching everywhere.. What do you think?? I hope it left me with some energy.. My Brother Doug passed to the other side in I was in very deep thought, missing my Brother.

I casually said to my Husband I wonder what Doug will toss down to us?

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I wonder if he will toss pennies. My Husband said heck no, he will toss dimes. Sure enough dimes, dimes in so many places. Most peculiar places! To this day we both find dimes. When I would find one I pick it up, rub it, kiss it, look to the Heavens, say hi Doug. He in turn usually would find one. They were very close to Doug as well. He will remain close to my heart forever.