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So where will all these French connections lead Janey, who recently broke up with the man she was going to marry because she wanted to spend their honeymoon in France, while he wanted to spend it on his family's farm in the Kalahari??

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My Mother, the Spy by Joy Bassetti-Kruger A mother and daughter are forced to come to terms with the fact that men from the old Russian mob are still coming after Paula, the mother, for what she did as a spy for MI6 during the Cold War. This story tells of the love between these two women, in spite of Paula being a distant mother when her daughter was growing up. Its about how they trust each other's judgement, rely on each other and make sacrifices when they flee to a Greek island.

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Words: 1, Language: Commonwealth English. Published: June 20, Giraffes are beautiful animals that love to browse on thorn trees. The thorns do not bother them as their thick tongues can cope with almost anything they chew on. They have soulful eyes and very long eyelashes. Words: 2, Language: English. Published: June 19, In my mind, the Elephant suggested that giving them each a single green apple would not actually constitute feeding them.

So I gave in. Words: Published: April 23, How crocodiles play with their food by tossing it around and also rolling over with it in the water until they are certain it is properly dead. This is when they show their white bellies in what is known as a death roll. Words: 6, Published: December 2, Lulu longed for a child, so when the old Sangoma predicted that she would soon go on a journey where she would meet a man who would give her the child she desired, she sat up and took note.

Then as they were leaving the drought of two years suddenly broke, so Lulu remained hopeful that the old woman's spell would work for her as well. Words: 5, Published: November 21, When Catherine looked up into the light reflected in the stained glass church window above her, she always saw something amazing reflected there and this somehow managed to give her hope for a brighter future.

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Words: 13, Published: November 8, Lorna recalled this simple phrase that that Mary had once said as a child and later she packed a treasure box for her and got Alex to hide it in a cave on the farm, until such time as her will was read and Mary had inherited the farm. Published: October 17, After going through a terrible ordeal and being questioned and held in custody regarding some government secrets she had exposed and written about in her fictional book, Kerri later discovered that her book had since been published under another title by someone else.

So who actually wrote that book? Words: 3, Published: September 30, After the final rehearsal of her talk, Libby realizes that Gemma has since shed her cocoon and has now emerged as a confident woman. She equates this to a butterfly that emerges only to spread its wings and fly. This makes her feel happy and she also knows that Gemma's talk will be a resounding success.

Words: 4, Published: September 11, The grandmother's old diaries mentioned how the French Resistance workers had made rose petal rosaries with messages hidden within the beads for their followers to read. Published: September 1, Disaster struck towards the end of the art exam, when Jack spilled the entire contents of a bottle of black ink over his painting. He called out in anguish the moment this happened. But after taking a look at the ruined painting, the art teacher told Jack that it was still salvageable, as long as he put his mind to it and fixed the disaster during the next ten minutes Words: 10, Published: August 28, A Child's Story, is about a little girl called Elaine and her struggle to be recognised as a gifted child by her mother, who just wanted her to be an ordinary little girl that she could relate to on an everyday level.

Published: August 10, Jason is a character in a book that has killed people within a story and gotten away with it. Then he goes on a killing spree in real life.

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He is then used as a character in a second book written by the author's daughter, with the same disastrous consequences. But will they manage to put an end to his killing spree? Or will he continue to get away with murder in real life as well? Words: 63, Published: July 31, Secrets have a habit of being let out of the bag, even when a child's future is at stake. So while Carol sat in the garden and read her book and a cat climbed into a nearby tree, the ventriloquist looked over the wall and noting his favourable proximity to them, -he threw his voice and made it appear that the cat spoke to Carol and said, -"I know your secret, Carol.

Published: June 15, A true story about the wonderful life-changing experience of floating in a mokoro through the reedbeds of the Okavango Delta. Words: 15, Published: June 5, This year the dinner takes place on the square outside of the Louvre Museum with the Eiffel tower as a backdrop. But before Janie gets there, she must first go through some rather dramatic experiences, and also make up her mind if she really does want to stay with Tomas in Paris.

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Price: Free! Words: 7, Published: December 14, After Janey finds a French franc in her pocket, she tosses it into the river and makes two wishes. Several coincidences follow that all point to her desire to visit France. Then a charming Frenchman called Tomas enters her life and when she tells him about what has been going on, he says that she should come back to Paris with him. Matsatsinis, G. Baourakis, F. Baourakis, N. Matsatsinis, Y. Using typicality to support inference and learning.

Vassilis S. Kosmatopoulos, M. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Advances in Stochastic Modelling and Data Analysis presents the most recent developments in the field, together with their applications, mainly in the areas of insurance, finance, forecasting and marketing. In addition, the possible interactions between data analysis, artificial intelligence, decision support systems and multicriteria analysis are examined by top researchers. Please enter your password Forgotten your password? Continue Cancel Send email OK.

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Advances in Stochastic Modelling and Data Analysis

Cut Outs. Page 1 of Next page. Recent searches:. Time flies concept - picture of an old metal clock attached to a pink balloon flying above a wooden table. A conceptual illustration of the idiom 'time flies.

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