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2. Juni Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ Text and Translation of Chorale. EKG: Author: Martin Luther () Chorale Melody: Gelobet seist du, Jesu.
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He whom the whole globe of the earth could not enclose now lies in Mary's bosom; he has become a little baby who alone maintains everything. He has come on the earth in poverty to have compassion on us, and in heaven he makes us rich and like his dear angels. Des freu' sich alle Christenheit Und dank' ihm des in Ewigkeit.

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Home Page. BWV BWV Anh BWV 91 is a chorale cantata based on Luther's famous Christmas hymn of the same title.

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Although this moment of unbridled power would also suit a resurrection setting, here it declaims the human incarnation of Christ as an event of radical significance. Set in E minor, the soprano recitative is replete with wonder at the miracle of the advent of Christ. The tenor aria , through the addition of three oboes, distinctly belongs to the pastoral world. By imploring humans to welcome the creator as a guest in their hearts, the message of Christmas is both personalised and reaffirmed. Following the suspended cadence, the violins and continuo drift a full four octaves apart — the chasm between the heavenly and earthly sphere could hardly be rendered more vividly.

Overcoming this gulf demands a collective effort, which is provided in the ensuing duet by a unison string part over a walking bass line whose incessant dotted rhythms and terse cadences evoke a merciless state of agitation. The soprano and alto voices, by contrast, open with imitative lines that evolve into a heartfelt duo in which the notion of voluntary poverty and the inevitable suffering of Christ compassionately takes shape.

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For Bach, it apparently remains part of the conditio humana to seek the light through suffering and many sorrows — that Christ took this burden upon himself is what constitutes the wonder of Christmas. Nothing is lost, everything begins with this child: Kyrie eleison!

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Kyrie eleis! O Menschen, schauet an, was hier der Liebe Kraft getan! In unser armes Fleisch und Blut, und war denn dieses nicht verflucht, verdammt, verloren? Gott, dem der Erden Kreis zu klein, den weder Welt noch Himmel fassen, will in der engen Krippe sein. O Christenheit!

Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ

Sein menschlich Wesen machet euch den Engelsherrlichkeiten gleich, euch zu der Engel Chor zu setzen. Support the Bachipedia project as a donor - in order to spread Bach's vocal works worldwide and to make them accessible to young people in particular. Thank you very much! Bachipedia — a project of the J. Bach Foundation The J.

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Video Listen and see the introductory workshop, the concert and the reflection lecture in full length. Reflection lecture.

Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata BWV 91 Gelobet Seist Du, Jesu Christ: Mixed Choir

Audio The sound recording of this work can be found on all common streaming and download platforms. Bach-Stiftung St. Gallen, Schweiz.

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