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Gorilla expert Kristen Lukas has said that other gorillas are not known to have had a similar nipple fixation. Koko died in her sleep during the morning of June 19, , at the Gorilla Foundation's preserve in Woodside, California , at the age of Patterson reported that Koko's use of signs indicated that she mastered the use of sign language. Patterson reported that Koko made several complex uses of signs that suggested a more developed degree of cognition than is usually attributed to non-human primates and their use of communication.

For example, Koko was reported to use displacement the ability to communicate about objects that are not currently present. Patterson reported that she documented Koko inventing new signs to communicate novel thoughts. For example, she said that nobody taught Koko the word for "ring", but to refer to it, Koko combined the words "finger" and "bracelet", hence "finger-bracelet".

Also, Koko referred to herself as a "queen" at times even though Patterson rarely used this word with Koko. Many researches have speculated that Koko was projecting her awareness that she was famous because of all the attention she received from her care-givers, professors, the media and her fans. Criticism from some scientists centered on the fact that while publications often appeared in the popular press about Koko, scientific publications with substantial data were fewer in number.

For example, when Koko signed "sad" there was no way to tell whether she meant it with the connotation of "How sad". Following Patterson's initial publications in , a series of critical evaluations of her reports of signing behavior in great apes argued that video evidence suggested that Koko was simply being prompted by her trainers' unconscious cues to display specific signs, in what is commonly called the Clever Hans effect. She achieved scores in the 70—90 range, which is comparable to a human infant that is slow but not intellectually impaired.

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Gorillas and humans also mature at different rates, so using a gorilla's chronological age to compute their IQ results in a score that is not very useful for comparative purposes. Ron Cohn, a biologist with the foundation, explained to the Los Angeles Times that when she was given a lifelike stuffed animal, she was less than satisfied. She did not play with it and continued to sign "sad". So on her birthday in July , she was able to choose a kitten from a litter of abandoned kittens. Koko selected a gray male Manx and named him "All Ball".

Penny Patterson, who had custody of Koko and who had organized The Gorilla Foundation, wrote that Koko cared for the kitten as if it were a baby gorilla. Researchers said that she tried to nurse All Ball and was very gentle and loving. They believed that Koko's nurturing of the kitten and the skills she gained through playing with dolls would be helpful in Koko's learning how to nurture an offspring.

In December , All Ball escaped from Koko's cage and was hit and killed by a car.

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Later, Patterson said that when she signed to Koko that All Ball had been killed, Koko signed "Bad, sad, bad" and "Frown, cry, frown, sad, trouble". Patterson also reported later hearing Koko making a sound similar to human weeping. In , Koko was allowed to pick out two new kittens from a litter to be her companions. The animals she chose, which she named "Lipstick" and "Smoky", were also Manxes.

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When her trainer asked the meaning of the name, Koko answered, Lips lipstick. To celebrate her birthday in July , Koko was presented another litter of kittens. Picking two, she named them Miss Black and Miss Grey. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Koko Koko in December The Gorilla Foundation. Archived from the original on July 15, Retrieved July 14, The Maui News. Retrieved AP News. San Francisco; Washington. The Essence of Anthropology 3rd ed. Cengage Learning, A History of Language.

Reaktion Books. Applied Psycholinguistics. Basic Books. Koko: Fact or Fiction?. American Language Review, 3 3 , August 20, An Introduction to Language. Cengage Learning, pp. Haviland, Harald E. Cengage Learning, p. Communication in Humans and Other Animals. John Benjamins Publishing, p. My boys are going to learn how to crochet a hammocks for their action figures this year and how to sew old socks into a small bag with pockets to keep their cars in gotta put all those extra no match baby socks to some use. My kids love to cook no matter what it is so that one is never an issue for me.

We play his and seek constantly and they are getting better about being quiet and not giving themselves away. You want to see some improvement in hiking skills send them on a treasure hunt with a map and a prize at the end. Try looking into geocashing sp?

You should do up a list that goes over modern skills every child should also know. What a valuable site. I just found this in searching for ways to prepare my daughter for emergencies in the wake of the heartbreaking tragedy in Connecticut. I am always thinking of how I would keep get and her soon to be born baby sister safe in the wake of disaster. My daughter is only three but my husband and I already are instilling the basics of safety.

What is Self-Expression and How to Foster It? (20 Activities + Examples)

We talk about stranger danger, staying with a trusted adult, we planted and harvested a garden together, and we are starting her in martial arts soon. I try hard not to scare her but to empower her and educate her. I do want her to learn basic skills that may help her in the future and I talk to her about only eating meat when we need it to survive. Im not going to turn down squirrel if im starving.

I also have no problem killing something if need be, but in our daily lives, there is no need. Anyway, again, helpful list. I agree with most of it, I dint believe in the Bible so instead I teach my daughter to be good, to respect others and to respect the Osbert. She is already a very smart, well rounded and gracious little girl. I teach a survival class at our local co-op, live in the National Forest with my family, took my 7 year old across the country hiking the PCT this last summer, and he is planning his first solo backpacking trip in the North Cascades this summer for his 8th birthday.

He is the youngest to have ever done the PCT. You will spend more energy, calories, and time constructing something which will not withstand the elements enough to keep you safe or warm. Teaching yourself and your child where to find shelter naturally is what needs to be taught. That along with tarp and knot skills will save your kiddo, not shelter building. That is something of Bear Gyllis and Survivor Man shows for hype, not reality.

16 Amazing Facts About Sea-Monkeys

Thanks for your comment Brynn! Makes so much sense. This list is great, but I am so ignorant on almost all of these. I still need to look at your skill of the month series but was wondering if there was a book, etc. Is there a program anyone recommends that teaches things like this as a group? Thanks in advance. Something, I am teaching my kids is preserving food. We are also raising our own chickens and going to teach them the humane way to slaughter and prepare it.

I know that the kids are young but if I teach them as 2nd nature they will learn in case.. Or even perhaps taking a log and making it useful for tongue and grove building. This is a great list!

13 Tips on How to Survive Wild Animal Attacks

Now all I have to do is learn these skills myself so I can pass them on to my children. Awesome list! We have been working on a list like this for a while. I am glad that you compiled it for me. Thanks, Survival Mom!

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I am sorry, but what does number 32 have to do with survival? Why do you have to cram your beliefs onto children? Why would you teach your child what you believe? Why do I teach my children the Bible? Let them be able to discern what is true and what is not, the last thing I want is for my child to be stuck in a cult.

There is truth is this world. Truth corresponds to reality. Read the Bible — learn your history. Besides what hope will you hold out for your child if all there is is this depressing lap around the sun, until we get old, sick, and die. Good list, i know how to do a few of those things. If you do read your history, you would see that mortal men debated at the council of nicea over what was ALLOWED to be included in the bible, and depending on which Christian denomination or even Judaism, other mortal men changed it based on their opinions.

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That is YOUR truth, not the end all be all truth for everyone. There are many differences. I personally am Wiccan.