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Editions in Chronological Order. Bibliographies and Reviews of Scholarship E. General Studies F. Politics, Rhetoric, Poetics G. Languages and Linguistics I. Li Livres dou Tresor Illuminations. Giotto portrait.

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Inferno XV miniatures J. Theme of Treasure K. Modern M. Biography and Chronology N. Doubtful Works O.

Nel segno della pecora

Lost Works P. Recommended Works Q. BL on the World Wide Web. They are written in a distinct and lovely Chancery hand. We have a similar phenomenon with Chaucer, whose poetry does not survive in his own hand but who was required to write government documents in this manner. Some of the Latin manuscripts BL used in his teaching, however, do seem to have marginal notations in his own hand or one like it, and also corrections to the text. Davidsohn F. The first autograph document is at Siena. Scherillo E. II Roma: , p. Carmody C. That text also gives the letter about Abbot Tesauro.

See also F.

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Donati F. Helene Wieruszowski published the Sommetta , the collection of model letters useful for the affairs of the Florentine Chancery C. But see Aruch BhIV. It is important to view both letters and literary texts within this notarial and chancery context in Naples, France and in Florence. We have eleven autographs, ten of which are so signed. Entries in square brackets are to autobiographical and historical statements in the French and Italian vernaculars related to these events.

Numbering in some cases re-ordered. ASF 31 March Capitoli di Firenze Registri 29, cc. Guido Guerra deeds land in Montevarchi and Montemurli to Florence. ASF 6 April , Cap. Related to above transaction. ASS 20 April, 21 June Major peace treaty with Siena, in Santa Reparata. ASS Caleffio vecchio , c. Repeats above document, stating it is copied later, 3 August ASS Caleffio vecchio , cc.

City Culture and the Madrigal at Venice

Copies above documents. ASF 12 August , Cap.

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Sale of more land involving Guido Guerra. ASF 14 August Volterra diploma. On Volterran Constitution.

Libri Gennaio 2013

Index to Reg. Repeated Cap. Pact between Guelfs of Arezzo and Florence. ASF 10 September Treaty with Genova and Pisa. Now lost, though published, document. Alison Stones DVD. Survives in Epistolarium. ASF 14 October Protocol, Compagnie religiose soppresse C. ASF Strozzi-Uguccione. Miscellanea diplomatica, 13 August , 26 October Privilege copied from BL document to Uguccione family.

  1. City Culture and the Madrigal at Venice.
  2. 42 Color Paintings of Charles Demuth - American Precisionist Painter (November 8, 1883 - October 23, 1935).
  3. Wake Me Up Before I Die (Book I).
  4. ASF 4 June July, Libro di Montaperti , cc. ASF 26 February Libro di Montaperti , c. ASF 20 July ASF 22 July ASF 23 July Biblioteca Laurenziana, Strozziano , Tesoretto , c. Giovanni Villani, Cronica , VI. Rhetorical Letter from father, Bonaccursus Latinus, about Montaperti.

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    In Epistolarium. Livres dou Tresor , first redaction account of exile. Archivio Segreto Vaticano, Instr. Wesminster Abbey, 17 April , from Bar-sur-Aube. Muniment Livre dou Tresor contains letter to Charles written prior to June Charles of Anjou sworn in a Senator of Rome. Li Livres dou Tresor.

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    ASF 20 August Volterra diploma, During Seige of Poggibonsi. At Pistoia as Protonotario. Ideoque subscripsi. San Gimignano, Bibl. Same document as above with minor differences in ordering of formulae. Datum per manus Brunetti Latini de Florentia, curie nostre prothonotarii. ASF 20 December Pistoia, Cap. ASF 25 February , at Pistoia. Volterra Diploma, for , 25 February; copy, , April 13, Historiae Pisanae, fragmenta, auctore Guidone de Corvaria , in L. Muratori XXIV. ASB 12 July Memoriali di Pietro di Bonincontri Cazaluna, , c. Latinus Bonaccursi in Bologna borrows money.

    ASB 8 December Ivi, CLI. Above loan paid back. ASF 13 July Santa Maria Nuova. Concerning a licence granted by the Comune to sell property. ASS 25 July Concerning negotiations for the Guelf League in Tuscany against Pisa.

    Formerly ASF October 29, And then there is silence, an absence, from , where BL may be in secret negotiations in Outremer, Aragon, Genova, Constantinople, apart from a brief return for the Peace of Cardinal Latino. Peace of Cardinal Latino. Letter sent from comune of Palermo to comune of Messina to urge revolt against King Charles of Anjou. Amari I Tesoro Sicilian Vespers account in four manuscripts. Liber Fabarum , I.

    Arte di Calimala legal transaction. Lib Fab.

    Not found in conserved version, flood damage. Guido dei Cavalcanti also listed. ASF Cap Fir. League against Pisa, blockading entry of all foodstuffs into city, on order of King Charles of Anjou. ASF Cap. ASG Cod.