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The Sacred History is an account of the workings of the supernatural in history. It tells the epic story of angels, from Creation, to Evolution.
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An essential preliminary will be an introduction to the history of the texts themselves — their composition and dating, their possible basis in oral tradition — and the formation of the canon in both Hebrew and Christian Bibles. The introductory character of the paper determines the choice of texts, deliberately limited to major works in both Jewish and Christian traditions. In addition there are shorter selections from the principal commentators in each tradition, Maimonides and Augustine.

The inclusion of chapters from Gibbon provides a later counter-point to Eusebius; in important respects Gibbon was heir to the Eusebian tradition of Christian sacred history, as well as one of its greatest critics. Although there will be library copies, it is desirable to acquire your own copies of the main texts; possession of these will enable you to range more widely that the restricted selection of prescribed passages.

All the main texts are ones which you can expect to keep and refer to long after you have graduated.

Sacred History and Sacred Texts in Early Judaism

The class programme is given below. The reading for each class and a comprehensive Bibliography will be available on the Moodle website. Possible extended essay topics are listed separately. For those who are interested, it may be possible to develop comparisons with Islamic sacred history on the basis of secondary literature; likewise the material covered in the course will be an excellent basis for study of sacred historical writing in the medieval and early modern periods.

Berlin and M.

Katherine Van Liere, Simon Ditchfield, and Howard Louthan

William Whiston, ed. Michael D. Plus, narrowly educated atheists do not believe in any perceived afterlife. Book 1. Available from Amazon. II pages. Also includes information on Earth history and quantaum physics. All souls will eventually evolve and ascend through a 15 dimensional scale to re-emerge as sentient identity within realms of pure consciousness beyond the dimensional systems. Whether or not you view ascension and multidimensional evolution as a reality while you are alive on Earth, you will be directly faced with that reality once your consciousness has passed out of physical life and into the multidimensional framework.

Following these erroneous beliefs they draw an equally erroneous conclusion that consciousness ends at the death of the physical body. Consequently, human science will be confronted with a whole new order of multidimensional reality and a whole new science.

Ascension also involves the understanding of morphogenetic fields or the form holding energy constructions that allow matter to build into individuated forms. Ascension therefore is a science with specific mechanics that allow for the evolution of consciousness from simple to more complex forms.

In the Grip of Sacred History

Every being in existence is involved in this evolutionary process and applies to each and every one of you. The choices one makes in thought and deed will determine the quality of experience, or lack thereof, that will be personally encountered. The content of that pattern will determine how high your consciousness will be able to travel progress in the system once it is released from the body. Whatever frequencies are contained within that imprint will determine the specific dimensional placement after death. From the perspective of a human consciousness focused within a physical body on Earth, those challenges can seem, at times, overwhelming.

Without consciousness recognition of the purposes, processes and objectives of the evolutionary plan, the hardships can appear to be unbearable and without meaning. This is a process by which the life forms evolve through matter particles and antiparticles upward through the 15 dimensional scale, from dense matter solidity to pure, nonmattered- based conscious energy substance.

The degree of angular rotation of particle spin shifts 90 degrees from one dimension to the next while remaining invisible to each other. In the universe there are 15 primary dimensional bands.

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Dimensional frequency bands group in sets of 3 and each set of three dimensions represents a Harmonic Universe. Thus there are five Harmonic Universes within one overall dimensional Universe. The degree of angular rotation of particle spin shifts 90 degrees from one dimension to the next within one Harmonic Universe. In each Harmonic Universe containing three dimensions, there are two 90 degree shifts of the angular rotation of spin between particles.

Between one Harmonic Universe and the next there is a 45 degree reverse angular rotation of particle spin. This 45 degree reverse angular rotation of particle spin creates a Magnetic Repulsion Zone, or void between Harmonic Universes, which keeps the reality fields contained there within separated from each other. Through this structure of relative angular rotations of particle spin, the holographic illusions of multidimensional reality, matter, time, space, movement and individuation of form are perpetually created and sustained.

Entities existing below the 7th dimension possess physical biological forms. Dimensions 7 through 9 possess the etheric matter form. These multidimensional electromagnetic fields are collectively referred to as the bio-energetic system or the aura field of a manifest form. The aura field has seven primary inner layers i.

The morphogenetic imprint holds the instructions and design for form-building in a type of digital or electronic encoding. The seven outer layers correspond to dimensional frequency bands 9 through In order for humanity to evolve into higher dimensional fields, the frequency patterns of dimensions four, five and six must be brought into manifest expression with the energetic grid of Earth. The frequencies or sound-tones must also become operational within the active DNA strands.

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The energetic imprint of the DNA is carried with the personal morphogenetic field and consciousness after physical death of the body. Note: Morphogenetic fields are the form holding patterns through which matter forms. Rupert Sheldrake postulated on their existence, but proposed no physical mechanism.

Whatever frequencies are contained with that imprint will determine the dimensional placement of the consciousness after death. In fact, they are not random at all, and current scientists now believe that this DNA contains some kind of code with function completely unknown or undetermined. The DNA represents electromagnetically encoded digital imprints of the other living portions of your identity. The best way to learn about poverty, or being rich, or being helpless, or being powerful, or being female, or being male is by experiencing lifetimes in such circumstances.

For the smallest units of energy in the cosmos you could find billion billion units in an average 3 dimensional photon. Note for example: Jesus from the 12th dimension. Book 2. The Bodies of Man. Joseph Whitfield pages. Available through Amazon. Let us make man If you strip out the poetic language, what is this describing? Looked at this way, Genesis is consistent with the modern scientific view.

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Atheists who want to discredit the biblical account of creation always point to the idea that it took place in only seven days. Genesis is giving an account of events before time as we know it was measurable, perhaps before it even existed.

Jonathan Black - The Sacred History: How Angels, Mystics and Higher Intelligence Made our World

Why the bad blood? Because Genesis says that God planned this sequence of events. He meant creation to happen and made it happen. For more information on The Sacred History click here. Rachel has conflict every day. She takes conflict as a Get the Best of Beliefnet Newsletter! From time to time you will also receive Special Offers from our partners. Beliefs of C.